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Let everyone else zig
– you’re gonna zag!

Dozing in a lounge chair by the pool is not your thing. You’re not into sitting still. You want to get out there! You need to move and climb and row and cycle and get dirty. You want your cruise to be an experience like no other. You need adventure. You need adventure cruising by Extraordinary Adventures!

Exhilaration included

Whether alone or with a group of friends – the ones you bring with you and the ones you meet on board – you want to be engaged, and you’re not afraid to get physical. You’re not intimidated by leading the quest or being led into unchartered waters by an expert adventure guide – as long as you don’t miss one exhilarating moment!

None of that means you’re willing to sacrifice delicious food and exemplary service. You don’t eat for indulgence – you eat to fuel your next adventure! But, you deserve to be wowed from your pre-adventure breakfast to your post-adventure dinner and everything in between – including that late-night snack you probably shouldn’t have but absolutely will! And, what better way to soothe those exhausted muscles than a relaxing massage or hot tub!?

Kayaking, Expedition Cruise
Scuba, Expedition Cruise

Yes to kayaking, hiking, cycling and scuba!

When it’s time for excursions, your idea of fun is kayaking in the Sea of Cortez in Baja, California, Mexico, hiking up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, cycling along the northern edge of Scotland’s Shetland Islands, spelunking in the Caves of Sagada in the Philippines, ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey, and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

But, you don’t just want to get out there. You want to get really out there! Far out there! Like taking an expedition ship to Antarctica to hang out with penguins and to Cape Town, South Africa, to swim with sharks. You want a river cruise down the Nile in Egypt to explore ancient pyramids and up the Amazon in Brazil to trek through thick rainforests (with maybe just a little partying in Rio de Janeiro first). You want to help hoist the sails on an authentic sailing ship in the Mediterranean Sea and take a zodiac deep into glacial waters in Ketchikan, Alaska.

You’re going to beat down that unbeaten path. You’re going to discover hidden gems that few rarely find. You’re throwing caution to the wind and breaking the mold. Schedules are for the office. You need to be free and march to your own drum. Extraordinary Adventures can find you precisely those expeditions that will unleash your spirit and ignite your mind and body!

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“Helped us book our cruise. Great video content on what to expect on our ship. Leads on wonderful private excursion options. Laura was so helpful!

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Courtney D
Courtney D

“Laura and Scott are awesome! Highly recommend! We had a trip delayed several years by Covid. They took care of everything with cancelling, holding travel credits, and re-researching/rebooking when the time came. Two or three times during our trip (which was very complicated travel-wise), we were just thinking of a question (i.e. Did we ever get the code to get into tonight’s rental?) and before we could even ask, Laura was texting US! Laura was also VERY communicative and prompt during the planning phase. And while on our trip, it was so nice to have all the details taken care of so we could simply enjoy! Our trip was not a cruise (planned before they got into that business more exclusively), but I have no doubt they bring the same level of detail to cruises-perhaps even more since they have taken many of those trips themselves!”

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Kimberly T
Kimberly T

We were referred to Laura and Scott by some cruise friends who have used them for years. A pleasure to work with, and they offer just great service! Quick to reply, better rates than you can get directly from the cruise sites plus they offer trips other than cruises. I have referred them to MY friends and have had nothing but positive responses from them as well.”

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