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Crystalline Glaciers, Expansive Lava Fields, & Stunning Waterfalls

Icelandic cruises are perfect for the adventurous traveler. With its remarkable rise in tourism, Iceland, known for its dynamic volcanic terrain, has emerged as a culinary haven with friendly, welcoming locals, making it a sought-after cruise destination. Today, virtually every major cruise line offers Iceland cruises, from expedition-style trips through the Arctic Circle to luxurious award-winning packages from Celebrity, Viking, Regent Seven Seas, and more.

Cruise the Icelandic Fjords

Iceland cruises are the best way to experience this otherworldly landscape.

While HBO fans will recognize several filming locations from Game of Thrones, Iceland’s nickname, “the land of ice and fire,” doesn’t stem from its Westeros connection. Instead, Iceland’s moniker refers to the incredible 130 volcanoes and 269 glaciers covering the world’s 18th-largest Island.

Thanks to its island geography, Iceland cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore Iceland from all angles. With its striking black sand beaches and awe-inspiring landscape, Iceland beckons you ashore, primarily via two key ports of call among many others: Reykjavik and Akureyri.

Whale Watching, Húsavík, Skjálfandi Bay, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, embraces a vibrant, diverse community. Reykjavik has become a dynamic global destination with its familiar rainbow streets providing excellent Instagram photo opportunities, world-class restaurants, and surprisingly active nightlife (bluesy rock band Kaleo hail from here).

Akureyri rests at the base of the Eyjafjörður Fjord in Northern Iceland, which offers staggering vistas of the Fjord cliffs and superb whale watching year-round. Visitors can also explore the local Botanical Gardens and art museum while sampling a plate of crispy battered fish and chips.

When’s the best time to embark on an Iceland cruise? May to September is the peak season, with the famous puffins visiting their breeding ground from May to Mid-August, offering delightful panoramas of these playful, colorful birds. 

However, Icelandic cruises during the winter provide an incomparable view of the Northern Lights for those who value a more spectacular (if somewhat colder) travel experience. And even if it is a bit chilly standing on the deck, travelers can warm up in Reykjavik’s world-renowned Blue Lagoon. 

For those who prefer to extend their Iceland cruise, several cruise lines offer bundled packages that include other Northern countries, with departures from Copenhagen, Greenland, Norway, Scotland, Canada, and Ireland. If you’re ready to see the cascading waterfalls of Iceland and sample a bit of fermented shark, reach out to Extraordinary Adventures today, and let us get you underway on the journey of a lifetime.

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