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There are places in our world that do not fit neatly in predefined categories because they offer such distinctive experiences that conventional classifications do not do them justice.

Sail away on Specialty Cruises

For instance, when the American Society of Civil Engineers has ranked something as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, it doesn’t easily fit with other destinations. A modern marvel such as the Panama Canal makes the transit through its winding waterways and powerful locks positively mind-blowing.
When you experience a voyage unlike any other across thousands of miles of ocean, you can’t simply lump it in with its embarkation or debarkation ports. It’s the journey that makes it so extraordinary. Transoceanic cruises take you on a voyage through time, back to the days of grand seafaring vessels, when sailing was more a manner of passage than a theme park at sea.

Some destinations confound your mind, elevate your spirit, and transport you to seemingly alien worlds. These otherworldly places are unique unto themselves. Expeditions to the farthest attainable reaches of the north and south poles on Arctic and Antarctic cruises are jaw-dropping.

When you venture to the islands that time forgot in the Galapagos, you’ll soon see why Darwin was so captivated and felt compelled to return again and again. Untouched by humanity, the Galapagos Islands look precisely the same as they have for millennia – extraordinary!

Into which box do you place the entire globe? World cruises see and do it all. They can be up to hundreds of days long, bringing you to dozens upon dozens of countries. They’re journeys of a lifetime. What adventure could be more extraordinary than one which brings you everywhere on planet Earth!?

So, which cruise lines take you on such extraordinary adventures? Most of them! Good news for you, right? As with traditional destinations, the ships that sail to these distinct places are not all created equal, which can create confusion, frustration, and overwhelm. Not for you. You have Extraordinary Adventures to help you sort through them all and find the best line for you!

Panama Canal Cruises

Construction on the Panama Canal is ongoing. Over the years, that has allowed larger and larger ships to transit through the locks, which means greater and greater variety for you. These days, you can cruise through the locks on ships as large as the Norwegian Bliss at 168,028 gross tons. Or, you can take the Seabourn Ovation, as Laura and Scott did. It’s only 41,865 gross tons. Though, we would not try swimming through it as Richard Halliburton did in 1928, paying the lowest toll in its history – 36 cents!

Transoceanic Cruises

When people think of transoceanic cruises, what most often comes to mind are transatlantic cruises. However, they do cross all of the oceans of our planet. Such mental images of crossing the Atlantic are encouraged by movies and TV programs about the most famous transatlantic cruise that never took place. But, a lot has transpired in the years since the Titanic met its fate. Cruise ships have become safer, more stable, more innovative, and are far better able to handle what nature throws at them. They go everywhere and provide a thrilling experience no matter where they sail. That said, there is only one genuine ocean liner in the world, and that is Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. So, if you’re looking to recreate your own Kate and Leonardo scene, the Queen Mary 2 is the cruise for you.

Arctic and Antarctic Cruises

Artic and Antarctic cruises are not for the faint of heart. They’re exhilarating, and depending on what you want to do, they can be demanding. While every cruise to Antarctica crosses the Drake Passage, not all cruise lines actually make landfall there. So, if you want to say that you’ve been to Antarctica, not just sailed by, you’ll need one of the expedition cruise lines. Quark Expeditions won’t just take you there; you’ll be guided by “the most seasoned polar experts on Earth, setting foot where few ever will, and doing what few ever dream.” Or, if you’re dreaming of going to the North Pole, you’ll need a ship that can actually get there. Take a Ponant Cruises’ North Pole cruise and “become one with the fabled history of polar exploration and live a sailing experience unlike anything else on the planet, pushing back the boundaries of the known world.”

Galapagos Cruises

The Galapagos Islands, while every bit as extraordinary as Arctic and Antarctic cruises, are far more accessible. That accessibility, however, does not make them common. In fact, they’re so rare and pristine that the Ecuadorian government takes special care to protect and preserve them. But, have no fear. The cruise lines that sail there know how to take you on an incredible journey while safeguarding one of planet earth’s most precious treasures. Celebrity Cruises‘ Flora, for instance, proves “you can practice responsible tourism and deliver ultimate luxury at the same time. Celebrity Flora was built with the latest environmental technologies. The dynamic positioning system allows the mega-yacht to remain on station without dropping anchors, protecting the seabed and the solar panels supplement electricity, reducing emissions.” Combined with the extreme care taken while on the islands, these technologies will give you peace of mind that you’re doing your part to “Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints.”

World Cruises

Are you having a hard time deciding between all these extraordinary adventures? Then, why not do them all!? Set sail on a world cruise! Lock up the house, suspend the mail, drop the pets and plants off at your friend’s house, and pack everything you’ve got! After all, YOLO! You only live once, indeed. As Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” So, why not read all the pages!? World cruises are unique, and not every line offers them, so you’ll definitely need Extraordinary Adventures to help you sift through the ones that do. You’ll need to consider that you’ll be on the same ship, in the same stateroom for months. Does that ship have all of the amenities that you’d like for it to have? Is your stateroom spacious enough? Is the style of food served on board to your liking? Do you enjoy the entertainment they provide? Based on the size of the ship, can it get to all the ports you’d like to see? These considerations and many more need to be carefully considered, but once you’ve settled on the most suitable ship and itinerary for you, a world cruise will be the memory of a lifetime.

These exceptional journeys to the most exotic places on Earth demand careful planning and attention to detail. Rarely will any of us make it to these places more than once. So, if you’re going to do it at all, you should do it right. Let the experts at Extraordinary Adventures ensure that your voyage to these remote destinations is everything you dreamed it would be. Call us today!

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